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Client Reviews

"I had the privilege to work with Stacy Gray and her talented SGRAYUNLIMITED team on a film project entitled "Curse of War". Their attention to detail was impeccable and her positive energy helped us all get through the long and intense shoot days. Another great thing about Stacy is she continues to support the project long after it was completed. She is, in one word, amazing!"

Abdul Malik Abbott


Creative, collaborative,  imaginative, hardworking, open, professional, are a few words that comes to mind when I think of Stacy Gray.  I've worked with Stacy for a number of years as both hair and make up artist. Although her main focus is hair, she is trained to do both when needed. Stacy is an artist that can create any type of style be it modern or a period piece. Her background varies from commercials, to music videos, TV and films. There are times when jobs come up last minute, has a big cast of characters, different looks,  budgetary constraints, and the go to artist is ALWAYS Stacy Gray. She welcomes any type of challenges, and will work her "magic" achieving success EVERY time. I am amazed at what she can and has accomplished! Her beautiful nature and willingness to go above and beyond is a bonus!  She makes any work environment a joy.  On the practical side, Stacy is always on time, has tons of resources, great temperament, flexible and negotiable.  No project is too big or small.  Stacy will always be my 1st call when looking for a hair stylist as well as make up artist as she's got a multi talented team that can cover make up and grooming needs.  Stacy is the best and she continues to grow and expand her creativity. I highly recommend her for any project!

Phillipa Davis

Executive Producer and Producer of Film, Television, commercials, documentaries and web projects

"Stacy Gray is a phenomenal hair stylist, I can’t say enough about her talent and professionalism.  Stacy cut my hair on a film shoot, I was terrified to let anyone cut my hair especially someone I just met.  She cut my hair into a style that not only complimented my face and character  I was playing but left me with sexy hair. Now I trust only Stacy to cut my hair and I’ve been very, very happy. I constantly recommend her and her team for jobs because they are all that good"

Sally A. Stewart


"In our industry there are many beauty professionals to choose from-all at the top of their game. As a Producer I look for more in my crew than just their ability to do their job well. I look to surround myself with people who have heart-that care about the project, the talent, their fellow crew members so that if it's a difficult shoot we know that the team will pull through. Stacy Gray is the epitome of heart, sass, talent and sunshine. She lights up my set, my talent always love her and even on my not-so-good-days she can put a smile on my face and give me words of encouragement to push on through. She's not blinded by the fame and she treats the first-time-on-set model as equal as the A list celebrity. Stacy is more than just a superb artist she is a production jewel." 

Cordielle Street

NYC Producer

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